(Poster) Work like an accountant

Back in 2014, David Brooks wrote a piece in The New York Times discussing the working habits of some of the most creative individuals history has known. He notes:

People who lead routine, anal-retentive lives have a bad reputation in our culture. But life is paradoxical. In situation after situation, this pattern recurs: order and discipline are the prerequisites for creativity and daring.

Further, in the article, he made a famous remark that really hit the point home for me.

...creative people organize their lives according to repetitive, disciplined routines. They think like artists but work like accountants.

I designed this poster to remind myself of this. Waiting for inspiration to begin work is a fallacy, you have to show up every single day.

Office - 18" x 24"

Studio - 12" x 16"

Desk - 8" x 10"


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