The pain and paradoxes of creativity

Apr 06 2020

Research on creativity complemented by my opinions and biases.


Pockets of solitude

Nov 13 2019

How to stay sane in the face of brain mushing, mind numbing flood of useless information.


Understanding impermanence

May 15 2019

Sometimes things pass, sometimes you do first.


Your feelings are not your feelings

May 02 2019

No matter how real and authentic they seem, your feelings are not your feelings. You've been told how to feel.


Stop learning

Apr 16 2019

Continuous learning after a point procures diminishing returns. Know when to stop.


Kill your heroes

Apr 03 2019

What a person does, often, is very different from what a person is.

misc. / design

How to defeat the blank screen

Mar 17 2019

Many painters are afraid in front of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the real, passionate painter.


Designers, maybe inspiration is the wrong word

Mar 03 2019

Why the words inspiration and inspire have lost their meaning in the design community.


Please fail

Feb 20 2019

My thoughts on failure, after failing about 33 times.


On mindfulness

Feb 05 2019

This technique of living hasn't gone out of fashion in 2,500 years. Maybe there's something to it?


Insights from Deep Work

Jan 17 2019

Routines are not cages, learn how a structured routine can alter your life drastically.


How displaying an image on HTML5 canvas works

Jan 06 2019

Dive into the details of canvas's drawImage API, also, learn how to make Mario walk!


Designing a better UX for hackathons

Aug 31 2018

Applying to hackathons means submitting the same details over and over with no way of updating. Here's how we're changing that.

code / design

How to fix dragging animation in UI with simple math

Jul 01 2018

A little bit of Math and requestAnimationFrame magic can give life to the most mundane of interactions.

code / design

How you can use simple Trigonometry to create better loaders

May 06 2018

No animation at all is better than a jittery one. Learn how you can use Trigonometry to create smooth animations for your loaders.


Understanding Linear Interpolation in UI Animation

May 14 2017

Linear interpolation or lerp is a one line function that can draw inbetweens in your animations for you. Learn how.

code / medium

JavaScript's prototypal inheritance explained using CSS

Jan 22 2017

Prototypal inheritance was staring right at you every time you wrote CSS.

code / medium

How CSS pseudo-classes work

Nov 06 2016

A visual explanation of pseudo classes, so that you don't ever have to set background red again while writing them.

code / design / smashing magazine

Upgrading CSS Animation With Motion Curves

Aug 25 2016

Learn how to read CSS motion curves, also in the process learn some basic Calculus.


Let's settle this - Part 1

Jun 22 2016

A huge collection of examples to help you understand JavaScript's infamous this keyword. Part One.


Let's settle this - Part 2

Jun 22 2016

A huge collection of examples to help you understand JavaScript's infamous this keyword. Part Two.


Nerding out with Bezier Curves

May 24 2016

The Math and Science of arguably the most beautiful curves on the internet.


Designing the perfect Wallpaper App

Apr 26 2016

Wallpaper apps don’t get a whole lot of love, do they?


A gentle introduction to React Motion

Jan 10 2016

Explore the React Motion API while building a fly out menu.


Recreating the Apple TV icons in JavaScript and CSS

Sep 14 2015

Learn to build cards that respond to hover, in vanilla CSS and JavaScript.


How to being touch typing and why

Dec 21 2014

Choosing the right tools and techniques to get you started.