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How to defeat the blank screen

Mar 17 2019

Many painters are afraid in front of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the real, passionate painter.


Designers, maybe inspiration is the wrong word

Mar 03 2019

Why the words inspiration and inspire have lost their meaning in the design community.


Designing a better UX for hackathons

Aug 31 2018

Applying to hackathons means submitting the same details over and over with no way of updating. Here's how we're changing that.

code / design

How to fix dragging animation in UI with simple math

Jul 01 2018

A little bit of Math and requestAnimationFrame magic can give life to the most mundane of interactions.

code / design

How you can use simple Trigonometry to create better loaders

May 06 2018

No animation at all is better than a jittery one. Learn how you can use Trigonometry to create smooth animations for your loaders.

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Upgrading CSS Animation With Motion Curves

Aug 25 2016

Learn how to read CSS motion curves, also in the process learn some basic Calculus.


Designing the perfect Wallpaper App

Apr 26 2016

Wallpaper apps don’t get a whole lot of love, do they?