The pain and paradoxes of creativity

Apr 06 2020

Research on creativity complemented by my opinions and biases.


Pockets of solitude

Nov 13 2019

How to stay sane in the face of brain mushing, mind numbing flood of useless information.


Understanding impermanence

May 15 2019

Sometimes things pass, sometimes you do first.


Your feelings are not your feelings

May 02 2019

No matter how real and authentic they seem, your feelings are not your feelings. You've been told how to feel.


Stop learning

Apr 16 2019

Continuous learning after a point procures diminishing returns. Know when to stop.


Kill your heroes

Apr 03 2019

What a person does, often, is very different from what a person is.

misc. / design

How to defeat the blank screen

Mar 17 2019

Many painters are afraid in front of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the real, passionate painter.


Please fail

Feb 20 2019

My thoughts on failure, after failing about 33 times.


On mindfulness

Feb 05 2019

This technique of living hasn't gone out of fashion in 2,500 years. Maybe there's something to it?


Insights from Deep Work

Jan 17 2019

Routines are not cages, learn how a structured routine can alter your life drastically.